Strategic Consulting/Expert Panels

Using a well tested, rigorous method can help organizations draw on expert advisors to formulate strategy. A quantitative method, called the Delphi process, improves information gathering and decision making. This method was described in Harvard Business Review as a way to develop “highly useful strategic guidelines.” We have used it to help companies determine whether new clinical trials are likely to be worth their cost; to determine the direction of marketing campaigns; to develop classification systems and terminology for common diseases; to develop appropriateness of various treatments for a particular type of patient; and to set standards for economic analyses. In such situations, traditional processes for problem solving had not been fruitful, but the Delphi panel method was able to produce meaningful results.

Click here to download a detailed description of the Delphi process.

Other strategic consulting services include:

  • Advisory boards
  • Strategic plan development
  • Consulting services
  • Competitive message evaluation
  • Publication planning and implementation
  • Value proposition development