Understanding patterns of health care use is a core aspect of health services research. Most “patterns of care” studies focus on one or more specific care component: cost of care, quality in relation to guidelines, persistence and compliance, and drug or other health service utilization. PHAR, LLC has developed a proprietary method of graphical analysis called GRAPHx to improve the interpretability of these kinds of studies. Using patient-level, high-resolution graphics, we can create single-page images that illustrate thousands of patient histories. When combined with more traditional analyses, these graphical summaries give us deeper insight into common health care practices.

GRAPHx can:

  • Illustrate prescription trends over time
  • Explain patterns of use of complex drug regimens
  • Provide high-level insights into market dynamics
  • Highlight patterns of medication compliance and persistence


Nationwide Inpatient Sample Explorer

The Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) is the largest public all-payer inpatient care database in the US, covering over 8 million stays per year in 1051 hospitals located in 45 states. The underlying data are robust and nationally representative, but conduct analyses using this data source can be complicated and expensive. Our web-based, interactive tool allows anyone to conduct comparative analyses in the NIS with ease.

With the NIS Explorer, the end user can:

  • Analyze inpatient trends over time
  • Explore charges from all payers
  • Compare length of stay and cost for different conditions
  • Conduct complex, multivariate analyses with one click
  • Get results in real time or delivered to your inbox