Outcomes and Health Services Research

Understanding patterns of health care use is a core aspect of health services research. Most “patterns of care” studies focus on one or more specific care component: cost of care, quality in relation to guidelines, persistence and compliance, and drug or other health service utilization. PHAR, LLC has developed a proprietary method of graphical analysis called GRAPHx to improve the interpretability of these kinds of studies. Using patient-level, high-resolution graphics, we can create single-page images that illustrate thousands of patient histories. When combined with more traditional analyses, these graphical summaries give us deeper insight into common health care practices.

The PHAR, LLC outcomes research conducts a variety of study types, including systematic literature reviews, primary data collection with retrospective or prospective patient chart reviews, physician surveys, as well as secondary data analyses using major commercial-insurance databases and other data sources. The group disseminates study findings in a variety of forums to provide payers, clinicians, and researchers with novel and timely data on a variety of important health services research topics.

In addition to our proprietary data visualization tool, we also conduct:

  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Meta-analyses, and indirect comparisons of a wide range of clinical and economic outcomes
  • Studies of the impact of compliance and persistence on clinical and economic outcomes
  • Assessments of healthcare quality using primary and secondary data
  • Validation of claims-based algorithms for patient identification
  • Patient-reported outcome measure validation
  • Patient-reported outcome dossiers